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"Some people dream of success, while other
people get up every morning and make it happen".

-Wayne Huizenga

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Trusted Consulting Professional

Heather Fiore, BHS, RDH, is a seasoned dental hygienist with a decade of experience empowering dental practices and transforming hygienists into skilled professionals. 

Heather's vast knowledge of the dental industry combined with her business acumen has helped numerous practices prosper, and she’s ready to share her expertise with you.

Trust Heather's guidance to reshape your practice and watch your team grow stronger, more skilled, and more profitable.


Elevate your practice

Help for Your Business

Maximize Profits

Unleash the potential of your dental practice and boost your bottom line.

I assist dental practices in implementing streamlined processes that maximize efficiency and productivity, leading to reduced overhead costs and increased profits. From appointment scheduling to patient follow-ups, my solutions optimize every aspect of the practice for a seamless patient experience.

Empowering Hygienists

Nurture and develop your dental hygienists for optimal performance. 

Training Programs: Through workshops, webinars, and personalized coaching sessions, I share my extensive knowledge on the latest dental techniques, patient communication, and practice management. My contagious enthusiasm inspires dental teams to embrace a culture of continuous improvement and personalized patient care.

Business Prosperity

Transform your practice into a thriving and successful business.

Embracing advanced analytics and technology, I help dental practices identify growth opportunities and make data-informed decisions. This data-centric mindset enables practices to adapt and evolve, ultimately leading to greater patient satisfaction and loyalty.

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"I have known Heather for over a decade. I have seen her transform practices into more efficient, effective, and profitable businesses while still placing the patient's care first. You wont find a better person who works harder to improve your business and who carries such an expansive breadth of knowledge regarding all aspects of a dental practice".

Dr. Alexander Bogler, DDS


"Having worked side by side with Heather for almost ten years I can honestly say she's a game changer. Her insight and guidance helped me transform my hygiene career and boost my income significantly. I highly recommend her services to any hygienist or dentist seeking success and growth in the industry".

Christopher St. Fort, RDH


Heather is simply outstanding as both a hygienist and a person. With her expertise and determination, she turned our struggling hygiene department into a highly profitable one. Her ideas are brilliant, and she knows exactly how to put them into action. Any office would be fortunate to have her as an asset.

Dr. Andrew Markowitz, DDS

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